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Team looks to steel tower power against storm

Tornadoes and downbursts pound transmission towers across Ontario, causing not only huge economic losses from the needed repairs, but also the interruption of electric service to thousands of customers and businesses, which, in some cases, can be weeks to remedy. While Ashraf El Damatty cannot control when and where these severe weather patterns strike, he [...]

Race to build tallest building intensifies

The recent brouhaha brought about by CIMB Research which concluded that Malaysia may yet go the way of Dubai’s property crash has stirred up a hornet’s nest in particular its bringing up of the 100-storey Warisan Merdeka tower as an example of a mega project that would likely create an eventual oversupply and overhang of [...]

A Star Architect Leaves Some Clients Fuming

For a while, this sprawling Mediterranean city embraced Santiago Calatrava’s architecture with gusto. In a dried-up riverbed, Mr. Calatrava built and built, eventually filling 86 acres with his radical, and some say awe-inspiring, designs. But these days, even as Mr. Calatrava’s eye-catching PATH station creeps toward completion in Lower Manhattan, he is often cast as [...]

New ‘core wall’ may speed skyscraper construction

Researchers are perfecting a new technique that could speed construction of skyscrapers while also providing enough stiffness and strength to withstand earthquakes and forces from high winds. The project aims to develop a new kind of “core wall,” a vertical spine that runs through the center of skyscrapers, said Mark Bowman, director of Purdue University’s [...]

Engineering research in Australia could provide an early indication of structural defects

For some people the esthetic beauty of a bridge or building is one of the key elements in engineering design, but in terms of public safety and long-term maintenance, structural integrity is absolutely essential. A series of recent high-profile incidents in not only the United States but also the rest of the world have turned the [...]

Innovative concrete bridge to open this fall near Jefferson City, Mo.

Just east of Jefferson City, Mo., sits a construction site that will soon be home to one of the nation’s first bridges to incorporate an unusual concrete mix in its girders and support structure. The three-span bridge, which is scheduled to be completed this fall on Highway 50, will also be outfitted with various sensors [...]

Highly constructive experience for harbour city modernists

THE building of the Sydney Harbour Bridge irrevocably changed the city’s landscape as well as the dynamics of its modernity. During the seven years of its construction from 1924, the bridge spanned the city in a gigantic, snail-paced stretch into existence. It gripped the skyline as an overwhelming mechanical assemblage of inconclusive forms, its massive [...]

How do you know if a bridge is safe?

A partial bridge collapse over the Skagit River in Washington in May prompted public reflection in communities across the nation. People naturally want to know whether they can trust that bridge they cross every day on their morning commute. We spent several weeks talking to bridge inspectors, experts and state officials to get a better [...]

To improve today’s concrete, do as the Romans did

In a quest to make concrete more durable and sustainable, an international team of geologists and engineers has found inspiration in the ancient Romans, whose massive concrete structures have withstood the elements for more than 2,000 years. Using the Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), a research team from the University [...]

Making bridges stronger aim of research

A new way of designing bridge columns could ensure they stand firm during an earthquake. University of Canterbury civil engineering researchers are testing a new way of building bridge columns which could increase construction speed and quality, reduce traffic disruption and increase construction safety. Read more at Related:  

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