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University uses driving simulator for vehicle-to-vehicle research

While some students may think Patrick F. Taylor Hall is made up of typical lecture halls and engineering classrooms, they may not know about the driving simulator on the second floor. Sherif Ishak, professor and undergraduate coordinator of the University’s civil engineering program, and graduate research assistant Julius Codjoe are working on starting a new [...]

Pedro Reis receives Early Career Award from National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation (NSF) announced recently that Pedro Reis will receive a 2014 Early Career Award from the NSF’s Structural Mechanics and Materials program for his project, “Smart Morphable Surfaces for Aerodynamic Drag Control.” The Early Career Award is the NSF’s most prestigious award for young researchers. Reis is an assistant professor in the [...]

Computer models of tornadoes show possible sheltering region behind hills

Using 3-D computer models, University of Arkansas researchers have demonstrated the influence of hills on tornadoes. Their models revealed that the height of a hill and the size of a tornado’s vortex have a significant effect on the tornado’s destructive power. The findings could be used to identify safer areas for construction. Read more at [...]

UF Research Team Surveys Tornado Damage

University of Florida researchers are evaluating the damage done after a powerful tornado ravaged Moore, Okla. UF engineering professor David Prevatt and his team of civil engineering students traveled to the city a few days after the storm that killed almost 30 people and injured nearly 400 others. The May 20 storm received the highest [...]

Making cities more resilient in the face of natural disasters

Short-sighted design is at the root of much of the destruction caused by environmental crises, whether it is flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis or other natural disasters. Buildings and critical infrastructure fail because they were not originally designed to withstand today’s intensified force of Mother Nature. However, technology can provide governments and engineers with essential feedback, offering [...]

Team looks to steel tower power against storm

Tornadoes and downbursts pound transmission towers across Ontario, causing not only huge economic losses from the needed repairs, but also the interruption of electric service to thousands of customers and businesses, which, in some cases, can be weeks to remedy. While Ashraf El Damatty cannot control when and where these severe weather patterns strike, he [...]

Researchers unearth old canal used to build ancient capital in Kyoto

A private excavation group based in Kobe has found the remains of a canal-like ditch likely used in the construction of the Heiankyo, which served as the capital of Japan a millennium ago, here in Kyoto’s Kamigyo Ward. The “Kodai Bunka Chosakai” group (ancient culture investigation group) said Oct. 17 that the discovery will make [...]

FAA grant funds research for heated airport pavements

A team of researchers from Iowa State has been given a Federal Aviation Administration grant for their research on making snow- and ice-free airport pavements. Halil Ceylan, associate professor in civil, construction and environmental engineering and part of the ISU research team, said that the grant is very prestigious, considering it is from a federal [...]

‘Aquanauts’ travel along 56-mile fresh water pipeline to inspect it for first time in 50 years

Eighty ‘aquanauts’ are travelling along the 56-mile pipeline that brings fresh water from the Lake District to Manchester for its first inspection in half a century. The Haweswater Aqueduct, which transports water from Cumbria to Heaton Park, is being emptied for two weeks to allow officials inside. The team of 80 engineers, dubbed ‘aquanauts’, will [...]

U.S. Can Learn Valuable Lessons From Dutch Expertise on Sea-Level Rise

Water connects the human experience, but a special connection exists between Florida and the Dutch. With common duties to manage floodwaters along exposed coastlines, and dense agricultural and urban environments threatened by the risks of sea level rise, water managers from the U.S. and the Netherlands can learn from one another. So, while the Florida [...]

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