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Benjamin Wright

Benjamin Wright (October 10, 1770 – August 24, 1842) was an American civil engineer who served as Chief Engineer of both the Erie Canal and Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. In 1969 he was declared the “Father of American Civil Engineering” by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Read more at Wikipedia

Canvass White

Canvass White (September 8, 1790 – December 18, 1834) was an American engineer and inventor. He was chief engineer at the Delaware and Raritan Canal and he patented a type of hydraulic cement. Read more at Wikipedia

Squire Whipple

Squire Whipple C.E. (September 16, 1804 – March 15, 1888) was a civil engineer born in Hardwick, Massachusetts, USA. His family moved to New York when he was thirteen. He studied at Fairfield Academy. He graduated from Union College after only one year. He has become known as the father of iron bridge building in [...]

Karl von Terzaghi

Karl von Terzaghi (October 2, 1883[1] – October 25, 1963) was an Austrian civil engineer and geologist, called the father of soil mechanics. Read more at Wikipedia

Thomas Telford

Thomas Telford FRS, FRSE (1757–1834) was a Scottish civil engineer, architect and stonemason, and a noted road, bridge and canal builder. After establishing himself as an engineer of road and canal projects in Shropshire, he designed numerous infrastructure projects in his native Scotland, as well as harbours and tunnels. Such was his reputation as a [...]

Joseph Strauss

Joseph Baermann Strauss (January 9, 1870 – May 16, 1938) was a German-American structural engineer and designer. The pinnacle of his career came as Chief Engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. Read more at Wikipedia

John Frank Stevens

John Frank Stevens (25 April 1853 – 2 June 1943) was an American engineer who built the Great Northern Railway in the United States and was chief engineer on the Panama Canal between 1905 and 1907. Read more at Wikipedia

George Robert Stephenson

George Robert Stephenson (20 October 1819 – 26 October 1905) was a British civil engineer. Stephenson was born to Robert Stephenson Senior in Newcastle upon Tyne. He was born into a great family of civil engineers, his father was engineer of Pendleton Colliery and Nantlle Railway, his elder brother George Stephenson was a prolific railway [...]

Germain Sommeiller

Germain Sommeiller (February 15, 1815 – July 11, 1871) was a civil engineer from Savoy. He directed the construction of the Fréjus Rail Tunnel between France and Italy, also known as the Mont Cenis Tunnel. This was the first of a series of major tunnels built in the late 19th century to connect northern and [...]

John Smeaton

John Smeaton, FRS, (8 June 1724 – 28 October 1792) was an English civil engineer responsible for the design of bridges, canals, harbours and lighthouses. He was also a capable mechanical engineer and an eminent physicist. Smeaton was the first self-proclaimed civil engineer, and often regarded as the “father of civil engineering”. Read more at [...]

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