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Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository

The Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository was to be a deep geological repository storage facility for spent nuclear reactor fuel and other high level radioactive waste, until the project was defunded by Senator Reid in 2010. It was to be located on federal land adjacent to the Nevada Test Site in Nye County, Nevada, about [...]

Venice Tide Barrier

The project designed to protect Venice from flooding and erosion involves using a string of 79 inflatable gates to stem the flow of water through Venice’s three inlets into its lagoon. Read more at Wikipedia. Links: New Scientist: Inflatable Dam to Protect Venice Is Approved Venice Water Authority: Project news Venice Water Authority: Homepage PBS: [...]

Strait of Messina Bridge

The Strait of Messina Bridge is a long-planned suspension bridge across the Strait of Messina, a narrow section of water between the eastern tip of Sicily and the southern tip of mainland Italy. In 2006, under Prime Minister Romano Prodi the project was cancelled.[1] However, on 6 March 2009, as part of a massive new [...]

Heathrow Terminal Airport Expansion (Terminal 5)

The expansion of London Heathrow Airport involved the proposal by BAA Limited to build a third runway and a sixth terminal at Heathrow, north of the Bath Road. Read more at Wikipedia. Links: BBC: Heathrow Terminal 5 ‘to go ahead’ BBC: The terminal five debate BBC: Timeline of terminal five Guardian: It’s been so long, [...]

Egnatia Highway

Egnatia Odos (Greek: Εγνατία Οδός, often translated as Via Egnatia, code: A2) is the Greek part of the Tabliczka E90.svg European route. It is a motorway in Greece that extends from the western port of Igoumenitsa to the eastern Greek–Turkish border at Kipoi. It runs a total of 670 km (420 mi). The project began [...]

Channel Tunnel Rail Link

High Speed 1 (HS1), officially known as the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) and originally as the Union Railway or Continental Main Line (CML), is a 108-kilometre (67 mi) high-speed railway from London through Kent to the British end of the Channel Tunnel. Read more at Wikipedia. Links: Official Site: Channel Tunnel Rail Link

Melbourne City Link

CityLink is a system of tolled urban Highways in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The company Transurban was awarded the contract to augment two existing freeways and construct two new Toll roads—labelled the Western and Southern Links—directly linking a number of existing freeways to provide a continuous, high-capacity road route to, and around, the central business district. [...]

China River Diversion

The river diversion mega-project is the largest ever planned. Links: New Scientist: China approves colossal river diversion plan Guardian Unlimited: China to pump rivers 800 miles north New York Times: Diversion Map XinHuaNet: China ready for construction of south-north water diversion project People’s Daily (china): Beijingers Able to Drink Water from Yangtze River in 2007 [...]

Central Japan International Airport

Chūbu Centrair International Airport (中部国際空港 Chūbu Kokusai Kūkō?) (IATA: NGO, ICAO: RJGG) is an airport on an artificial island in Ise Bay, Tokoname City in Aichi Prefecture, 35 km (22 mi) south of Nagoya in central Japan.[1] Centrair is classified as a first class airport and is the main international gateway for the Chūbu (“central”) [...]

Big Dig

  The Central Artery/Tunnel Project (CA/T), known unofficially as the Big Dig, was a megaproject in Boston that rerouted the Central Artery (Interstate 93), the chief highway through the heart of the city, into a 3.5-mile (5.6-km) tunnel. The project also included the construction of the Ted Williams Tunnel (extending Interstate 90 to Logan International [...]

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