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RPI tackles urban truck traffic

If you’ve ever been exasperated trying to drive through city streets clogged with delivery trucks, you’ll be happy to know that Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is working to solve that problem. RPI, along with five other universities from around the world, has created a Volvo Research and Educational Foundation “Center of Excellence” dedicated to developing what [...]

Printable wireless sensors set to monitor large structures

Wireless sensors being developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology are set to enable large structures to be monitored for strain, stress and the early formation of cracks. The low cost sensors, which require no power, can be implemented on flexible polymers. The goal is to identify structural problems at an early stage. “A key [...]

Researchers See Source of Bone’s Strength, Resiliency

The bones that support our bodies are made of remarkably complex arrangements of materials — so much so that decoding the precise structure responsible for their great strength and resilience has eluded scientists’ best efforts for decades. But now, a team of researchers at MIT has finally unraveled the structure of bone with almost atom-by-atom [...]

Too few experts trained in mobile lidar says report

With recent developments in the field, a vehicle driving up and down a road at traffic speed can gather more data about the surrounding landscape in an hour than a crew of surveyors could obtain in months. A new US report, which has just been completed and presented to the Transportation Research Board of the [...]

“Smart Skin” sensors could provide remote monitoring of aging infrastructure

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are developing a novel technology that would facilitate close monitoring of structures for strain, stress and early formation of cracks. Their approach uses wireless sensors that are low cost, require no power, can be implemented on tough yet flexible polymer substrates, and can identify structural problems at a [...]

Protecting tidal wetlands

According to a 2007 report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, global sea level is expected to increase one half meter or more over the next century. Along the Mid-Atlantic coast of the United States, relative sea-level rise is about two times higher than the global rise. In Delaware, nearly 371,000 acres of contiguous [...]

To Control Floods, The Dutch Turn to Nature for Inspiration

The Netherlands’ system of dikes and sea gates has long been the best in the world. But as the country confronts the challenges of climate change, it is increasingly relying on techniques that mimic natural systems and harness nature’s power to hold back the sea. Read more at Related:  

Inspectors keep Maryland’s aging bridges safe for traffic

On a recent cold, gray morning, state bridge inspector Van Swift jumped into his office: a 4-by-3-foot white bucket at the end of a 60-foot hydraulic arm anchored to a flatbed “snooper” truck. Working a cluster of joysticks, he swung the bucket away from the truck and over the side of the 800-foot Interstate 70 [...]

Method Monitors Soil in Large Areas Over Long Periods

Large amounts of industrial contaminants, such as mineral oil, chlorinated hydrocarbons and heavy metals, are hidden in the soil and ground water across Europe. Until now, there was no easy way of mapping their distribution and follow their development in the ground. Under the SoilCAM project, funded by the EU, scientists have explored a combination [...]

Bureau of Reclamation Names Engineer of the Year

Jonathan Aubuchon, a hydraulic engineer in the Albuquerque (N.M.) Area Office, is the Bureau of Reclamation’s Engineer of the Year for 2013. “Reclamation engineers ensure water is delivered and hydropower is generated to support the many demands in the western United States,” Commissioner Michael L. Connor said. “Jonathan’s work on restoration projects on the Rio [...]

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